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"Basketball Data Collection Since 1994
Collection - Organization - Dissemination"

Fred Bryan’s Pro Exposure Report has supplied basketball’s decision makers with their first look at what happened in the world of basketball last night, since 1994. Our role in your organization is a data collector - not decision maker. You decide who and how many of your teams associates are on your distribution list. We strive to have each day's Report in your email by 9:00 AM CST.

Team membership – $300 monthly for the Pro Exposure “Pro” Report (based on an annual agreement) - – $150 monthly for the Pro Exposure “College” Report (based on an annual agreement) - Unlimited amount of team associates may be placed on your distribution list.

Individual membership (includes agents) – $100 monthly for the Pro Exposure “Pro” Report (based on an annual agreement) - – $50 monthly for the Pro Exposure “College” Report (based on an annual agreement)

What will our staff receive in each morning Pro Exposure Report?
Our “Pro” Report delivers to you the latest from the top 30 leagues globally in the fall / winter season and the Top 30 Basketball Events globally in the spring / summer season. We organize each leagues schedule, game previews, standings, stat leaders plus accumulative statistics on each individual player updated weekly by the league/event. We also provide you with the league’s latest News, Game video, TV Schedules, and Players of the Week. Our “Pro Report” is a five day a week publication 12 months a year.

Our “College Report” includes links to every game played in the Top 30 conferences from pre season to the Final Four in the Fall / Winter season. We organize each leagues schedule, standings, stat leaders plus accumulative statistics on each individual player updated weekly by the league. Our “College Report” is a seven day a week publication during the Fall / Winter season,

Our role in your organization is that of a data collector – not a decision maker.
We organize what happened with the Global Player Pool last night ,league by league, for your decision makers. Therefore you always receive unbiased information. It does not matter to us who you sign. It matters to us that you have the information to sign the best player, if for the entire season or as a medical replacement.

Part of good data collection current sources
We link you to the most current personnel information available. These sites change as often as web designers. We verify the authenticity of each site, boxscore, game recap, statistical leader and accumulative statistic link we use in each days Report.

The transactions we report to you are verified with a link to the announcement – no rumors – no might happen – verified player moves with contract length where available.

How Pro Exposure saves you money
That’s easy – add up the cost of an employee to duplicate our efforts, add in some trips abroad, and the expenses incurred while scouting for a year. To be fair the employee should have 18 years of experience and the contacts that come with that experience.

Pro Exposure is not just a personnel tool. Our schedules, game reports with boxscores, statistical leaders, accumulative statistics, and video will be a source that will assist you with your preparation for upcoming games.

Game highlights currently available in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany . . . . more to come !

Fall / Winter Leagues
* Adriatic
* Argentina
* Australia
* Baltic
* Belgium
* Bulgaria
* Croatia
* Czech Republic
* Euroleague
* Eurocup
* Eurochallenge
* France Pro A
* France Pro B
* Germany
* Greece
* Israel
* Italy Serie A
* Italy Legadue
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* National Basketball Association
* National Basketball Developemental League
* Poland
* Russia
* Serbia
* Slovenia
* Spain's ACB
* Spain LEB
* Turkey

Spring / Summer Events
* Acropolis Tournament
* Africa Champions Cup for Men
* Afrobasket U18
* Albert Schweitzer Tournament
* Americas U18 Championship for Men
* Asian Championship
* Asia U18 Championship
* Asia Champions Cup for Men
* Centro Basket
* Central American Games
* FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament
* Eurobasket
* NBA Summer League
* NIKE Global Challenge
* NBA Pre Draft Combine
* Pan American Games
* Orlando Summer Pro League
* Olympics
* Oceania U18 Championship
* Portsmouth Invitational Tournament
* Borislav Stankovic Cup
* Superior League in Puerto Rico
* Summer Pro League at Long Beach
* Treviso Summer League
* U-16 European Championship
* U-18 European Championship
* U-20 European Championship
* U-17 World Championship
* U-19 World Championship
* World University Games