"How to become a Network Member"

The Pro Exposure Databank

The Pro Exposure Databank is used by our Membership to stay statistically informed on approx.1,800 players currently playing on five continents. It coordinates and stores information on players that is important to personnel decision makers ... for when they need it .... that is when it is most valuable. We save our members many hours a day updating the following information.........after each round:

* Schedules
* Rosters
* Game Boxscores
* Statistical Leaders
* Player Accums (where available)
* All Star Game
* Playoff Coverage
* The Pro Exposure Picks (Monthly)

From these International Basketball Leagues:

* Italy A-1 (and A-2)
* Spain's ACB
* Greece
* France Pro A (and Pro B)
* Turkey
* Israel
* Australia
* Argentina

From these Inter-League Basketball Competitions:

* Euroleague
* Suproleague
* Saporta Cup
* Korac Cup

From the United States Developmental Leagues:

* International Basketball League
* International Basketball Association
* United States Basketball League
* Puerto Rico's Superior League

From the NBA Evaluation Camps:

* Portsmoth Invitational Tournament
* NIKE Desert Classic
* Chicago Pre Draft Camp

From the Summer Free Agent Leagues:

* Orlando Summerleague
* Shaw's Summer Pro League in Boston
* Southern California Summer Pro League
* Rocky Mt. Revue

The Cost:

$1,200.00 (US) anually

* included - SCHEDULES... for planning your staffs scouting trips
* included - DAILY boxscore's to track players that are important TO YOU
* included - The Monthly Pro Exposure Picks for each country
* included - inclusion in the Daily Transaction Email Service for your entire staff
* included - all information stored and cateloged for your future use

* don't forget to include access your PR department, management, coachs, and administration -- everyone can be more informed