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Fred Bryan?s Pro Exposure Report has supplied basketball?s decision makers with their first look at what happened in the world of basketball last night, since 1994. You decide who and how many of your teams associates are on your distribution list. The Report will be in their inbox by 9:00 AM EST.

?The BEST Individual Basketball Performances From Around the World
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Performance Index Rating
Performance Index Rating (PIR) is a basketball mathematical statistical formula that is used by the Euroleague as well as various European national, domestic, and regional leagues to statistically evaluate an individual?s performance. It is also variously referred to as Performance Index Ranking, Evaluation, Valuation, and Efficiency.

The Pro Exposure Report organizes the BEST Individual Index Ratings by league ? by game (for both teams) - and forwards it to your entire staff's inbox. We link you directly to the game box score along with the individual?s roster information and current accumulative statistics from each league.

Weekly League MVP
In the Fall Winter Season The Pro Exposure Report will announce a Weekly League MVP based on the Best Individual Game Rating in that league.

Pro Exposure?s Global POTD
The Pro Exposure Report daily Global Player of the Day is chosen from the Combined Individual Game Ratings.

The GMVP System is an unbiased source for those looking for domestic or import players.

The GMVP System is an excellent tool to promote players for agents.

The GMVP System continuously updates our ?Daily Transactions? to keep up with where are your favorite players are playing Today.

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2018 Spring / Summer Events
* NBA Pre Draft Combine
* Portsmouth Invitational Tournament
* Superior League in Puerto Rico
* European Championship for Small Countries
* U-17 World Cup
* World Cup - African Qualifers
* World Cup - America's Qualifers
* World Cup - Asian Qualifers
* World Cup - European Qualifers
* Sacramento Summer League
* Utah Summer League
* Las Vegas Summer League
* U-16 European Championship - C Division
* U-20 European Championship
* U-20 European Championship - B Division
* U-18 European Championship
* U-18 European Championship - B Division
* U-18 European Championship - C Division
* U-16 European Championship
* U-16 European Championship - B Division
* U-16 European Championship - C Division

Fall / Winter Leagues
* Adriatic
* Argentina
* Australia
* Belgium
* Bulgaria
* Czech Republic
* Euroleague
* 7Days Eurocup
* Champions League
* FIBA Europe Cup
* France Pro A
* France Pro B
* Germany
* Greece
* Israel
* Italy Serie A
* Italy Serie A2 East
* Italy Serie A2 West
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Gatorade League
* Poland
* Russia
* Serbia
* Slovenia
* Spain's ACB
* Spain LEB
* Turkey
* VTB United League